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Red Butte Garden Upper Creekside Gardens
Red Butte Garden Conservation Garden Master Plan
Overall Garden Design

Red Butte Gardens desired to completely re-envision a previous master plan for one of the property’s largest undeveloped areas within the core visitor experience. They engaged Tres Fromme to facilitate a design team comprised of Gardens staff, a key donor, and Jeffrey Carbo Landscape Architects in an intensely participatory design process.

The proposed Upper Creekside Gardens contain four major new visitor destinations respectfully nestled into the existing wooded canyon and creek bank - the Sculpted Garden, the Shade-Woodland Gardens, Adventure Canyon, and the Creekside Walk. The new designs augment existing horticultural displays/collections, showcase art, create an engaging destination for youth, and provide key visitor amenities. A major component was seamlessly integrating the Creekside Gardens into adjacent areas.

Identity Areas

Children's Adventure Canyon

Sculpted Garden

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