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Cheekwood Estate & Gardens Assessment Planning
Children's Garden Program Development

Leadership asked Tres Fromme to lead them in a group process to evaluate the state of, increase appreciation for, and generate ideas for enhancing the existing gardens. A two day workshop focused on walking the existing spaces and identifying each area's core aesthetic identity and strengths on which to build; role in the visitor experience; alignment with plant collections goals; and areas for augmentation.

The team first explored and refined the site's overall framework: how the existing gardens relate to each other and the overall spatial choreography, including critical elements unique to Cheekwood that unite the individual spaces into a whole. Fromme then drafted a series of "mini missions" documenting the design intent and program for several of the gardens. A pair of Identity Area Diagrams clearly delineated the borders of, intersections among, and critical transitions between all the areas.

Fromme and Cheekwood are also collaborating on detailed projects to enhance the gardens, including planting design for the Weaver Walk and schematic designs for an enhanced and multifunctional "beer garden" to support rentals and special exhibits." 


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