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Clark Gardens Master Plan
Clark Gardens Master Plan

Mr. and Mrs. Clark began creating their garden legacy, a place to find peace and inspiration, over forty years ago. The Clark Gardens Board chose Tres Fromme and EMD to assist them in envisioning a viable physical and financial scope to assure a viable future as a true public garden. The design team is exploring ways to enhance the visitor experience, improve circulation, and clarify the property’s layout.

Concurrently, a financial sustainability study aligned the physical gardens with the funds and staffing needed to achieve the high quality future the family desires. Planning, in response, addressed topics such as new facilities, adaptive re-uses, plant collections goals, and venues to support programming and on-site income generation.

Experience of Tres Fromme at Studio Outside and 3. Fromme Design
Clark Gardens Master Plan Circulation Diagram

Clark Gardens Master Plan Area Diagram

Clark Gardens Entry Concept Clark Gardens Wildlife Garden Concept

Clark Gardens Master Plan Framework

Clark Gardens Master Plan Identity Areas

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