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Morton Arboretum Centennial Garden
Morton Arboretum Thornhill Master Plan

Morton engaged 3. Fromme Design and HDLA (Nashville, TN) to re-imagine the historic axis at the property’s core as a celebration of the Arboretum’s hundred-year anniversary. The overarching goal was to create a sequence of compelling and engaging spaces as a major visitor attraction. Interactive workshops with the Staff working group generated clear goals for the visitor experience, historic continuity, aesthetic identity, functional uses, and horticultural intents.

The new design preserves the original spatial framework, lawn panels, stairs and design gradient leading from crisp bilateral symmetry based on classical European precedents to an English picturesque asymmetrically balanced landscape garden. Augmentations include repeated use of water elements, exuberant horticultural displays, additional gathering areas, intuitive wayfinding elements, shaded seating, and improved circulation (including ADA ramps and paths).

Rectilinear hedged garden rooms bookend a central circular plaza bursting with seasonal displays in raised beds and perimeter vine covered pergolas. Visitors wander through the western garden’s intimate paths beneath clipped hedged doorways and through exuberant combinations of cool colored flowering shrubs, perennials, and bulbs. Weddings find an enchanting venue in the eastern garden where plants bloom in whites and soft yellows.

East of the hedged rooms, a series of enhanced terraces and seating areas along the central axis encourage visitors to explore and linger, while creating new rental and program venues. All additions respect, frame, and emphasize the historic long axial east-west vista along the rolling lawn and panoramic views within the Conifer Collection.

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