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Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden Master Plan Update
Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden Africa Exhibit Plan
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Zoo leadership asked 3. Fromme Design and Ursa International to collaborate with a staff team and financial planners on envisioning ways to strengthen and integrate the zoological and botanical aspects of the entire Zoo property, including the underutilized parkland and amphitheater bookending the core developed Zoo. Major goals included adding zoological exhibits, integrating garden spaces, augmenting on-site revenue opportunities, and clarifying visitor circulation.

The resulting master plan proposed transforming the amphitheater into the Farm, an immersive celebration of Oklahoma's agricultural heritage with its own admission charge, programs, amenities, and interactive opportunities. Hands-on gardens and animal exhibits geared to youngsters and families encourage visitors to make a personal connection with the flora and fauna critical to human culture. The master plan suggested transforming the parkland into the Nature Adventure environment including, overnight camping ("glamping"), woodland ropes courses, water play features, recreated native ecosystems, and visitor amenities

Enhancements to the existing core Zoo comprise an Africa exhibit, Event Center/Sea Lion complex, aviaries, and animal Conservation Center. New botanical displays add a Floral Promenade with seasonal color displays; Bird Oasis and Habitat; Pollinator Garden; formal Water Garden; Wetland and Bog; and Lakeside Gardens.

3. Fromme Design and Ursa International continued exploring new garden/zoo exhibits in 2018 with ZBG leadership and staff. Concept design for the proposed Amphibian Exhibit reimagines a prominent existing space overlooking the lake as a stream linking two ponds through waterfalls. An accessible main path and leads visitors over bridges and through a series of amphibian focused habitats. A display of aquatic plants provides summer color and showcases insectivorious species. Concept design for the future Azalea Garden enfolds future aviaries with spring color and restful summer shade, including a grotto housing some of the ZBG's orchids. 


Africa Exhibit

The Pachyderm The Farm

Events Center Event Area Gardens

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