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Toledo Botanical Garden Master Plan
Toledo Botanical Garden Master Plan

Tres Fromme led the Toledo Botanical Garden Board, staff, and community in re-envisioning the 60 acre property and its dynamic relationship to the organization, visitors, and the community. Interactive workshops and meetings explored and evaluated possibilities for both enhanced and new features, events, and operations—displays, facilities, infrastructure, staffing, and environmental stewardship. The process respected and drew upon the best of TBG’s past and present to propose a future as a world class horticultural destination and community resource.

The final plan document included drawings, diagrams, design narratives, and support documents to clearly tell an engaging story about the Garden’s compelling future. The audience included board members, staff, the community, and possible donors.

Experience of Tres Fromme while at MESA
Toledo Botanical Garden Concept Plan
Identity Areas Diagram

Toledo Botanical Garden View Diagram
Views and Axes Diagram

Toledo Botanical Garden Framework Diagram
Circulation Diagram

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