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Tres Fromme president of 3 Fromme Design
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We believe that planning is ultimately a process of communicating and exploring possibilities about the future based on an understanding of a client’s heritage, present successes, and anticipated future. Planning and design processes may seem deceptively linear in outline, but will involve identifying and incorporating new ideas and directions as they emerge.

We believe people often develop rich and long-lasting relationships with gardens and landscapes. These powerful experiences spark deep involvement and learning among people, plants, animals, and specific places. Accordingly, our projects seek to:

  • Ground themselves in the distinctive specificities of the organization, property, and eco-region.
  • Engage people’s minds, imaginations, spirits, and bodily senses as actively as possible. Projects appeal to multiple learning styles, abilities, and cultural backgrounds.
  • Catalyze interactions between self, other people, and the natural world. Gardens allow for social and individual, active and passive activities.
  • Focus people on the social and the universal through a discovery of the personal and the specific. They make the mundane magical and memorable as people discover the infinite miracle of a single leaf, a seed, or an insect, for example, represents.
  • Inspire a desire to explore, to observe, and to collect information – in short, to learn and grow. Gardens trigger people to collate the information and sensations within mental frameworks encompassing what they have learned.
  • Transform positively the way people perceive and interact with the world and with each other. Gardens and landscapes deepen the experience of what it means to be human and encourage further engagements with horticulture, the related arts, and the natural world.


We are experts at leading team-based planning and design processes. Obtaining multiple perspectives from diverse constituents generates a multi-faceted understanding of the organization and the site is critical. Essential to this exploration is the our ability to:

  • Catalyze engaging dialogue and conversation
  • Identify the patterns emerging from the information, including the patterns, forms, materials, and other elements essential to a client’s aesthetics, identity, and sense of place
  • Listen actively and summarize concisely (in words and in writing) major ideas to confirm we have heard and observed everything accurately
  • Advance  planning and design with the information

We focus on exploring and activating the full range of possibilities for people of all ages and backgrounds inherent in garden and landscape environments. All our collaborations synthesize original ideas and unique combinations from a wide range of garden types, precedents, and traditions.


3. Fromme Design has over 15 years planning and designing diverse scope, budget, time frame and specialization. Public Garden projects mandates exceptional levels of creativity, multi-disciplinary collaboration, extensive group participation, and concern for functionality. Our key expertise includes:

  • Botanical Gardens Experience and Perspective
    The Team has rich knowledge of the unique environments – possibilities, opportunities, and challenges - in which mission-driven public gardens operate. We have extensive leadership experience in all aspects of public garden planning and design.
  • Holistic approach to Gardens, Programming, Events, and the Visitor Experience
    Each garden is the expression of diverse yet inextricably linked disciplines and functions. Plant collections, learning opportunities, events, and the visual and performing arts seamlessly fuse with the physical site and facilities. All of this generates the visitor experience.
  • Horticultural Knowledge
    Public gardens derive their power from skillful orchestrations of plants and spaces. Plants physically embody the history and character of a landscape, conjuring powerful visitor experiences.  We approach gardens from the viewpoint of designers and plant lovers simultaneously.
  • Creative Relationship with Each Site and Organization
    3. Fromme Design approaches each project – site, people, program, and other factors – as a specific set of circumstances generating the planning and design process. A project’s unique form, style, and expression emerge from this process. We partner with its clients in a synergistic collaboration to achieve what the land and the institution are capable of being.
  • Inclusive Group Process
    Collecting and synthesizing multiple perspectives generates a vibrantly comprehensive picture of a garden’s existence in the past, present, and future. 3. Fromme Design’s approach is intensely people-oriented and catalyzes participatory, inclusive, and communication-based planning. We know how to listen to many voices and identify common ground.
  • Communication Expertise
    Facility with written, graphic, and verbal communication tools and media lies at the heart of our creative process. We are able to customize informational content and expression to reach audiences with diverse learning styles and ways of perceiving the world. We want to be sure people have the information they need to be fully invested in the process.


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